Our Mission

We are a body of believers who are deeply committed to following the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) and the Great Command (Luke 10:27). This informs everything we do currently and frames how we plan on working to the future. Our Mission and our Directions help guide us to how best to accomplish this.
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Our Mission

We exist to bring Glory to God and Love as many people to Jesus as we can before we die. Period.

We believe in the power of relationships. God’s two greatest gifts are relationship, the first being relationship with Jesus Christ by which find real Life (John 14:6), gain Salvation, and take the first steps in becoming more like Him and second are the relationships God gives us with each other where the full impact of our relationship with Christ is realized as we love God by loving others.

Our Directions

Our directions are the specific ways we hope to accomplish our mission.

LifePoint endeavors to accomplish this by directing people:

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Through lifting our hearts in worship.

Worship through song is a huge part of our worship services, but worship is so much more than music! Worship is everything we do as believers, at LifePoint we want every aspect of our lives to honor God as we walk in relationship with Him.

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Through building authentic relationships.

Relationships are a vital part of the Christian life, at LifePoint we want to build deeply connected authentic relationships by sharing life with each other, the high and low points and everything in between. Our small groups are one of the primary ways we go about building these relationships.

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Through serving those in need.

We live in a world that is full of needy people, many of them right here in our backyard as well as in other parts of the world. Part of sharing our faith is working to meet the real needs that people face so that we may have the opportunity to speak to their spiritual needs as well. That is why we maintain a food pantry, plan service projects, and raise money above and beyond tithe. By doing so we have been able to have impact on both those close to home and abroad.

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Through being rooted in discipleship.

We believe that solid discipleship through spiritual disciplines, prayer, Bible teaching, theological instruction, and daily walking in relationship with God is necessary to grow in spiritual maturity. We are called to an active and alive faith where we passionately pursue Christ as King in every aspect of our lives.

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Through sharing and embracing the hope we have in Jesus Christ and by honoring the rich heritage we have in the Christian faith.

We make no bones about it, we want to point everyone to Life in Jesus Christ. We do that by sharing our own experiences about how God has worked and moved in our lives, and by continuing to hold to that hope in the trials that are to come. Part of that is done by honoring the rich heritage we have in Christian faith by looking back at our past while simultaneously leaning into the future.

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